Flex Beam Guard Rail


  • Description

    We’ll make the roads safer in all weather conditions for over 25 years. KBP Guardrail roadside barrier systems, provide highly visible protection all year round to increase and maintain driver confidence. Designed to withstand and absorb the impact of out-of-control vehicles, our galvanized steel Guardrail safely guides vehicles to safer stops minimizing accident severity and injuries when collisions occur.  With consistent quality and proven results, our Guardrail has a service life of 30 years or more and meets International and Indonesian specifications.  All hardware and components used are galvanized.

    Our Guardrail is used for parking lots, single and multi-lane highways, bridges, bridge approaches, and pedestrian railings. This product comes in the standard W-Beam. Our Flex Beam Guardrail designed to provide reduced deflections and improved resistance to overturning vehicles. This product includes shop-manufactured rail that can be customized to fit any application, including radiused to fit convex and concave designs.

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    FLEX-BEAM Brochure (Download PDF)